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Monday-Friday 10:00 – 16:00.

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Minimum 6 working days from the date of application submission

For postal applications (who send their applications by post) minimum 10 working days over and above the normal processing time of 6 working days.

For non-Norwegian (i.e. are originally from another country, hold a previous nationality or born in other country) will take an additional 5 working days for processing. There is also additional processing fee of NOK 50 for the Visa Clearance.

Note: Applicants are to fill Telex form and in addition to the Online application form.

Other information

Acceptance of the visa application does not guarantee issue of visa. The issue of visa, its type and duration are determined on the merits of each case. The Indian Embassy issues visa at their discretion. Get your visa confirmation before booking your flight. We are not responsible for delays.

Note: Indian visas are valid from the date of issued by the Embassy, not from the date of entry into India.

Please make sure that you correctly specify the category of visa applied for, depending on the purpose of your visit. Activities in India incompatible with the category of the visa may result in immediate revocation of the visa.

If you wish to cancel your application or are in need to withdraw your passport please allow for a 12 hr handling period.